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29 September to 22 October 2011

Patrick Pound
Collected Works: Telling Things

Patrick Pound's: Collected Works: Telling Things (exhibition by Fehily Contemporary - Armadale, Melbourne)
Patrick Pound, Listen to the music (2011), archival giclee print, 127cm x 149cm

For Patrick Pound, the world is a puzzle. Through the painstaking accumulation and categorization of found photographs and ephemera, Pound attempts to assemble this puzzle one piece at a time. His practice is labour intensive and meticulous: a collection of seemingly infinite steps towards an unattainable understanding.

In Collected Works: Telling Things, Pound niggles at the gaps and crevices that emerge from the act of representation. Lurking beneath the camera's rather literal reflection of the world is a swarm of abstract notions, captured on film but overlooked by the observer. Through Pound's assemblages, a portrait of the intangible materializes. While a single photograph of a person with a book is just that, a collation of photographs of people with books is a portrait of reading itself. A collection of things is made to describe all the possible ways we might think about the idea of space. A collection of photographs with their photographer's shadow in them, or a collection of found snaps showing their photographer's thumbs, or a collection of found photographs of people who look dead but (probably) aren't add up to something more. They are after all a human comedy.

For this exhibition, fleeting and elusive concepts are snatched and pinned down like butterflies and put on display. From time and space to action and accident, nothing seems to escape Pound's artistic net. The evidence is found to be telling.

  • Exhibition dates: 29 September to 22 October 2011
  • Opening celebration: Saturday 29 September 2011, 3pm to 5pm
  • Location: Glasshouse Gallery, Fehily Contemporary
    3a Glasshouse Road, Collingwood VIC 3066


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